I am a graphic designer and fine artist based in Ames, Iowa. I earned a BFA from Iowa State University in Visual Art with an emphasis in Metalsmithing. After owning a shop and working as a jewelry designer and instructor for many years, I enrolled in two Master of Fine Arts programs at Iowa State University. I am currently working on dual MFA degrees in Graphic Design and Integrated Visual Arts. I teach History of Graphic Design, Graphic Design Technology, and work as a teaching assistant in ceramics.

I am interested in the power of graphic design to induce change and encourage social interaction, as well as the formal elements of graphic design. My graphic design research interests include usability, semiotics, typography, appropriation, and women in graphic design.

My artwork is informed by visual analysis of found objects and images. It is a response to specific items appropriated from others to explore stereotypes and to use symbolically. My sculptures incorporate particular abandoned objects, like articles of clothing and furniture,  that represent stereotypes and offer clues about their prior purposes. As I regard the stereotypes of a business suit, for example, I think of politicians, lawyers, salesmen, men on buses, and my own father. A business suit isn’t a neutral article of clothing. It is loaded with meaning that is interpreted differently from person to person. I am interested in how my assumptions about these objects are different from others’.

I have exhibited my jewelry and artwork in galleries and retail shops across the country, from North Carolina to Oregon, including The Walker Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Bedouin in Sisters, Oregon, Unfurl in Portland, Oregon, and The Octagon Center for the Arts in Ames, Iowa.